Worthy of Worry.

A friend of mine recently posted something on her page that said “When we fear the future, we’re projecting ourselves into made up situations and picturing ourselves facing them…without God. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Because he’s already there.” And it really got me thinking. How often do we worry about the future, when honestly, the future is already planned out? How often do we make something a big deal when it ends up not really being a big deal at all?

I know I’m guilty of worry. I am a “planner” and a “stresser” and definitely a “worrier.” I have been this way as long as I can remember. I have tried to plan my future out for years. In college, I had undergrad planned out, my first job planned out, and I tried to plan my marriage/baby timeline. Key word-TRIED. All in college. All before I knew Adam. Before Marshall was even a thought. Before I even graduated with the dang degree (LOL). And it’s not that I just had it planned out, it’s that I legit worried about it. I worried I wouldn’t find the perfect job. Wouldn’t get married. Wouldn’t have the babes. Etc. And as my friend said above, I put myself in made up situations and didn’t really add God into the equation. And I don’t mean for that to sound like I wasn’t praying for my success in nursing school and praying that God’s will be done in my life, but I consistently made up scenarios that at the time weren’t worth my worry and stress.

Here’s a little story for ya. I don’t know how many of yall know, but when I was in undergrad at Florida State, I quit my restaurant job and “did nursing school full time.” I was so excited to quit that job because it meant I was moving up in the world and was one step closer to graduation and being a pediatric nurse. So I threw myself into studying and tried to do everything I could to be the best. Well long story short, I ended up failing one of my classes my first semester. And the way Florida State structured things, I had to take a year off from nursing school and then start back over the next year. So there I was with a failing grade, out of nursing school, jobless because I had quit at the beginning of the semester, and I was leaving all my friends behind because I couldn’t continue in the program. After weeks of crying, I ultimately ended up realizing I had to go back to my restaurant job. A year off of school and bills to pay decided that for me. So as much as I felt like a failure and as much as I felt like I was taking steps backward, I went. And do you know what happened? I met my husband that very first day back. So the moral of this little story is that all my worry and stress about my first semester of nursing school wasn’t worth it, because in the end, God had the whole thing planned out. If I hadn’t failed, I wouldn’t have gone back to work, and I wouldn’t have met Adam. How crazy is that? And spoiler alert: I finished nursing school, kept my restaurant job, ended up getting promoted to manager, graduated with a high GPA, got my dream job in pediatrics, and “lived happily ever after.”

I think so often times we get wrapped up in too much worry and too much stress. We let ourselves imagine these crazy scenarios which aren’t even half as good as what God has planned for us. I know in this season of life that I am in, I have tried to “let go and let God” and just see how His plans work out. Because if I’ve learned one thing it’s that God’s plans are FAR better than mine. I couldn’t have imagined the amount of joy Adam and Marshall bring me. I couldn’t have imagined THIS life. So I challenge you to ask yourself when you’re going through a sticky situation or find yourself wrapped up in stress, is this worthy of my worry? And I challenge you to pray it through, ask for advice, reach out to a friend for comfort and help, and just rest in that fact that it all works out in the end. It really does. I promise you that.

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